At SURGE we live for your unique growth as a dancer, and as a human. We are dedicated to infusing dance with intention and we are devoted to helping you unlock the keys to radical self acceptance. Ultimately allowing you to relearn how to unapologetically share your art, and rediscover that you are indeed worthy of all your dreams.

With the simple foundation of community, we will guide you in unearthing all the tools you inherently have to step into your most authentic self.  We encourage progress and consistency, not perfection. Embracing questions along the way and empowering you to speak your truth through movement.

So how do we begin to discover our authentic selves? Well...what inspires you? What moves you? What do you wish to create? We will move together to create connections through mediation, writing, conversations and most importantly… movement. 

Are you ready to overcome distractions, critical self judgement, and doubt? Your superb dance flow wasn’t only meant for stages, it was meant for more. Join the movement, come experience SURGE.

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