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Sarah Buscaino, Founder & Creator

About Us

SURGE the experience is dedicated to integrating mindfulness with dance on the road to radical self acceptance.  Creating an  environment to help dancers relearn how to unapologetically share their art, and facilitate a more empowered community of dancers.

Surge uses several different tools that will help dancers reconnect with their authentic self.

  • Meditation
  • Choreography
  • Improv
  • Pen to Paper


A 3 hour workshop designed to challenge each young dancers' mind and movement capabilities. What will you get out of the experience?

  • Ownership of your authentic dance flow
  • Tools to optimize peak performance
  • A newfound sense of community and self
  • An exhausted, joy-filled body from dancing so much!


Becoming aware that the dance community lacked the harmony of mindfulness and dance - Sarah yearned to create something that was all her own to facilitate creative freedom, and serve the community. And so, Surge was born. Combining the two things that she is most passionate about - dance, and teaching the younger generation.


Email Address: info@surgetheexperience.com

Phone Number: 631-356-4841

Home base: New York, NY

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